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  • Great news guys and sorry for long-read, but it is worth reading!

    1. In test mode we added bank wire as payment option. It is available for proven customers only, who has at least 2 completed orders in our store. No exclusions!!! All asks to allow an exclusion will be ignored, don`t even try.

    2. US domestic warehouse is functioning as always. We had huge restocking recently, almost all items are available now. Pharmatropin is expected to be restocked soon. Also, we lowered oxandrolonos price at US domestic warehouse by 30$.

    3. Our EU-based warehouse has 2 shipping locations now. By the way, EU-based does not mean only customers from EU can order there. We ship worldwide from this warehouse, incl. USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

    By default, all items are shipped from location 1 (we call it warehouse 1 or W1). It is located within Europe and delivery takes 8-12 days as a rule, depending on your location. 

    Warehouse 2 is located outside of Europe, however we ship it a way that packages are routed through one of the European countries. Tracking number will show delivery from one of the European countries, without mentioning the origin country it was sent from.  One month of trial deliveries shows great delivery success with less than 3% seizure rate so far. The only minus of this way is shipping time. It takes about 17-23 days depending on your location.

    If some items in your shopping card are not available from the first warehouse, our system automatically assigns your ENTIRE order to the 2nd shipping location (warehouse 2 or W2).

    Each item in our store has now availability indicators for both warehouses (W1 and W2). 

    In order to filter items available for some particular warehouse, please visit our "PURCHASE" page

    IMPORTANT: Please remember, filtering items as per warehouse only shows, what items are available from warehouse 1 and what items are available from warehouse 2. If you filter to show all items from warehouse 2 it does not mean that your order will be shipped from warehouse 2.

    It works in a different way. In order to ensure fastest delivery we always ship by default from warehouse 1. Warehouse 2 becomes chosen automatically by our system, ONLY WHEN  one or several items in your shopping card are out of stock at warehouse 1.

    E.g.  You ordered PHARMATEST P100 and PHARMANAN PH100. Both items are available at both warehouses. In this case your order is shipped from warehouse 1. You can not get it shipped from warehouse 2 for now. We are going to add this opportunity later. It requires more coding to be completed.

    Another example. You ordered PHARMATEST P100 and PHARMATEST E 300. TEST P100 is available from both warehouses. But TEST E300 is in stock only at warehouse 2. It is out of stock at warehouse 1. In this case your ENTIRE order is shipped from warehouse 2.

    So, to say it other words. If you want your items to be shipped from warehouse 2, you need to pick up at least one single items, which is out of stock at warehouse 1.

    After you put your items into your shopping card, our system will indicate, what warehouse your order is going to be shipped from!

    Why would you chose warehouse 2?

    1. It has always almost full stock.

    2. It has discreet and super discreet shipping available.

    3. We launched individual promotion for it with higher bonuses!


    Promotions is running for one month from now till 3rd of June 2019!



    If your order is shipped from warehouse 1, you get free bonuses as follows:

    products for the value of 50 USD for orders over 200 USD
    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 300 USD

    Bonuses are picked up at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed. Only products in stock at warehouse 1 will be available for pick up. The entire order is shipped from warehouse 1.  In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped.

    If your order is shipped from warehouse 2, you get free bonuses as follows:

    products for the value of 35 USD for orders over 100 USD

    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 200 USD

    products for the value of 200 USD for orders over 300 USD 

    Bonuses are picked up at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed. Only products in stock at warehouse 2 will be available for pick up. The entire order is shipped from warehouse 2.  In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped.

    Please note, in both cases, in order to be eligible for bonuses mentioned above you should reach those limits mentioned above for your products total only, before shipping. 20$ shipping price is not included. If you ordered products from, e.g. warehouse 2 for the value of 190$ and your order total incl. delivery costs is 210$, you will get only 35$ worth of bonuses. For 100$ worth of bonuses your products total should be 200$ at least and your entire order total incl. delivery will be 220$ in this case.

    4. Pharmacom Labs is launching new oral products. You might have heard of it provably.

    Tesos: active agent tesofensine  5 mg;
    : active agent ligandrol 5 mg;
    : active agent radarine 10 mg;
    : active agent ibutamoren 10mg

    Products are being tested now and will be soon available for sale at our direct store

    5. Lately we receive complains that verification codes fail checking. It turned out that many customers use fake sites to check them. We warned customers abotu this in February yet. Please read our news


    Other sites like or ARE FAKE!

    There are fake products on the market having those sites mentioned on boxes. Those are fakes. Be careful. We can not be liable for any issues caused by fake products.

    Once again, only company site is; it has a "PURCHASE" button leading to our ONLY direct online retail store are not resellers, this is us, Pharmacom Labs, which can be checked here

    This was all info for now. 

    Have a great spring time everyone and take care!


    Frank and crew

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Doping in bodybuilding - the use of additional means (in most cases - banned) in order to gain an advantage over their competitors or for personal improvement indicators. More often than not belong to doping substances, which together with the positive effect (increase strength, mass, detail muscles) have a negative impact on the body (deterioration of the whole system of health and reduction of disease resistance).

The list of detectable substances on doping control in bodybuilding, is long. They are prohibited because of the hazard before the competition and the athletes are certain procedures that determine the presence of illicit drugs in the blood - this is the same doping control.

The doping in bodybuilding includes substances of different origin, direction and have different effects, including side. These include steroidal anabolic stimulants, diuretics agents, narcotic drugs and so on. It is worth noting that the sports nutrition, different pharmacological supplements and other similar agents are imperfectly doping in bodybuilding. Rather, all of this attributes to the "natural helpers" category, because any sudden and irreversible deterioration in the body does not occur.

Perhaps, almost all athletes who are interested and engaged in bodybuilding, know that this sport does not exist without the use of additional medications. This is especially true about professional bodybuilding, where the majority of participants and prize-winners receive everything required for the competition.

Doping in bodybuilding

Doping is the use of the products of natural or synthetic origin, which allows to achieve improved athletic performance. Based on this definition, doping is permitted or prohibited, safe or dangerous.

Anabolic drugs - pharmacological agents that are imitators of the main male hormone testosterone. These compounds accelerate the protein synthesis in the cells, because of which substantially increases the rate of growth of muscle mass and strength parameters. Anabolic drugs are banned in bodybuilding because of the many side effects. It should be mentioned that today, the Internet provides a lot of useful and specific information on the application of the AC in bodybuilding.

Every pharmacological agent on the site has a section with description of positive and side effects. Likewise, you can read the description of manufacturing company, as well as its history, reputation among customers, and reviews of its products.

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Our store sells only high-quality and really working steroids by well-known and time-tested brand of sports pharmacology (you can always check the originality of the acquired products, check out the official site of his farm a unique code).

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